Sit Down Karen

So a few days ago someone on my FB wall ‘fact checked’ a picture of a Halloween decoration that I posted over the Holiday .

They pointed out where you could go to see the “real version”  of the Halloween yard art and I suppose they felt like they had kept the world- or at least the four or five people who actually look at my FB page from being dumbed down and misled by my picture-

of yard art in a folder with a bunch of other Halloween Pictures.

At this time I should probably point out the pictures of ghosts and werewolves weren’t real either.

I hate the world. I really do.

Is It Hot In Space?

When I was little I had about four TV shows that I HAD to watch.

Star Trek

The Avengers

Kolchak- The Night Stalker and


UFO was British Sci-Fi program about a secret war going on between Earth’s forces ( which were headquatered underd a movie studio ) in the faraway future of -1980.

UFO was much darker then the other shows I watched but it didn’t matter. I loved it to bits.

In fact I loved it so much I was willing at this point to consider setting my dream of being a Captain of my own Starship aside , or a writer who chased monsters IF I could be a Moon Girl.

The Moon Girls were able to answer questions while facing an almost certain death from UFO’s, so I thought they were brave. They also had purple hair. Whic was funny because eleven years later in 1981 I had blue streaks in mine but I digress.

I loved the  Moon Girl’s purple hair and I loved the pretty clothes they wore. But I had a question and luckily my Dad and his cousin were glued to the TV right along with me when UFO was on, so I was able to ask-

” Is it hot in Space? ”

My Dad looked suprised.  I was only about  8 or 9  at the time but he knew I was a Space Freak and should haveknown the answer to that.

” You know better then that.Why are you asking?”

I turned back to the TV and pointed to a Moon Girl.

” They’d be pretty cold if they had to wear those clothes in Space, so it must be hot.”

My Dad ignored me but from the couch behind me I heard him and his cousin chuckling, ” Is it hot in Space. ”

I decided I had it wrong.

It must be super hot in Space.


Is There Anybody Out There?

I keep saying I’m going to go somewhere else to take my creative self too instead of Facebook, but I can never quite pull it off

I guess I should try again because I keep paying for this site and saying I’ll make something out of it, so I guess I’ll TRY AGAIN.

I put time into Facebook and only a couple – and I do mean only a couple of people ever stop by.

I use it for pictures mostly, the ones I might use on my blog later or pictures that I want to share with my family- who for the most

part don’t go to my Facebook page because I hate Trump and the Republicam Party with a passion and I’ve been told they

won’t go there because my Facebook page is ‘negative.’

Yeah,. I don’t care.

So I guess I’ll come here and do the journal thing because I don’t want to do it at my main blog because my creative writing work

goes there.

I’m not sure if anyone will read this, but does it matter? If this is my sounding board instead of FB it shouldn’t matter at all.