Is It Hot In Space?

When I was little I had about four TV shows that I HAD to watch.

Star Trek

The Avengers

Kolchak- The Night Stalker and


UFO was British Sci-Fi program about a secret war going on between Earth’s forces ( which were headquatered underd a movie studio ) in the faraway future of -1980.

UFO was much darker then the other shows I watched but it didn’t matter. I loved it to bits.

In fact I loved it so much I was willing at this point to consider setting my dream of being a Captain of my own Starship aside , or a writer who chased monsters IF I could be a Moon Girl.

The Moon Girls were able to answer questions while facing an almost certain death from UFO’s, so I thought they were brave. They also had purple hair. Whic was funny because eleven years later in 1981 I had blue streaks in mine but I digress.

I loved the  Moon Girl’s purple hair and I loved the pretty clothes they wore. But I had a question and luckily my Dad and his cousin were glued to the TV right along with me when UFO was on, so I was able to ask-

” Is it hot in Space? ”

My Dad looked suprised.  I was only about  8 or 9  at the time but he knew I was a Space Freak and should haveknown the answer to that.

” You know better then that.Why are you asking?”

I turned back to the TV and pointed to a Moon Girl.

” They’d be pretty cold if they had to wear those clothes in Space, so it must be hot.”

My Dad ignored me but from the couch behind me I heard him and his cousin chuckling, ” Is it hot in Space. ”

I decided I had it wrong.

It must be super hot in Space.


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